Render Gears attends the first Microsoft LAN of Season 2!

This past Saturday, Render Gears had two of our Canadian players make their way to the local LAN hosted by Microsoft up in Ontario. Dominator (Alex) and Mayhem (Ryan) both showed up to the event ready to get back on their LAN grind. While we could not have our other players on site, there were plenty of Free Agents on site to help build a full team. While our players had no problem holding their own against the locals,  there is only so much to be done when the assigned teammate asks “where’s Apples?”.

Regardless of the outcome, we took the first series with no issues and then fell as we went into game two. The experience alone was very much worth the attendance and we  cannot wait to see what our players can do heading into Season 2 of the Gears of War Circuit!

Author: @mazidagg / Images by: @aakwyf